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Serve Application

Thank you for taking the first step in serving at H2OLife.Church. After your completion of the Serve Application please complete the background check.

What area would you like to serve?
I agree that I have a personal relationship with Jesus:
I agree to serve my chuch to the best of my abilities, partner with the church in our mission and live out the church's vision through my actions.
I will strive to reflect Jesus in my actions and words both inside and outside of the Church.
I agree that in social media and networking I will not publish anything that dishonors Jesus and/or the Church
I will guard the Church's reputation in the community.
All volunteers understand that they are asked to abstain completely from drunkenness and are expected to abstain completely from using illegal drugs.
I agree and understand that although much care will be given on a personal level to restore the individual, sexual sins (such as living together outside of marriage, adultery, homosexuality, or pornography, ect.) will result in counseling and/or immediate termination of the serving position.
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